Fatal Hit-and-Run Car Accident Kills Cyclist in Dublin, CA.

Injury Lawyer - BostonA recent hit-and-run car accident in Dublin, CA took the life of 57 year-old bicyclist Bo Hu.  There were no witnesses to the bicycle accident, and it is unclear whether the man was riding or walking his bicycle on the four-lane roadway, with a speed limit of 45 mph, when the car crash occurred.  When paramedics did arrive, Hu was pronounced dead at the scene.  

After a thorough investigation, Dublin Police arrested a local San Francisco attorney, 32 year-old Spencer Freeman Smith.  The police found that some parts of the car found at the scene of the fatal bike accident matched the lawyer’s new Mercedes Benz.  Upon investigation, the police also found that the Benz had extensive damage to the windshield and front-end, consistent with a bicycle accident.

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