Mother Tries to Commit Suicide After Gassing Two Children in Bronx, NY.

Two children were murdered by their own mother in a tragic accident in Bronx, NY.  The victims, 5 year-old Trevor Noel, Jr. and 4 month-old Lillian Noel, were found unconscious in their ninth-floor apartment after police responded to reports of a gas leak.  Both children were pronounced dead at the scene.

Their mother, 29 year-old Lisette Bamenga, was found unconscious with minor lacerations on her wrists.  Police concluded that she had attempted suicide after gassing her young children.  She is now at the Jacobi Hospital and in stable condition. She has been arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

Initial reports show that the mother forced the children to drink toxic wiper fluid, and then sealed the apartment windows and turned on the gas stove.  She left a suicide note writing that she was taking the children “to a better place.”

The mother was a schoolteacher at a public school in Brooklyn.  Her boyfriend, and father of the children, was a New York City police officer who returned from his night shift to find his children dead.

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