Massachusetts Fire Marshal Launches Investigation of Suspicious Fires in Somerville, Massachusetts.

After two fires occurred within a couple of blocks of each other in the early morning hours of Wednesday, August 28, 2013, the Massachusetts Fire Marshal’s Office has announced an investigation into the causes and possible links between the two fires, as well as previous suspicious fires in the Somerville neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.

A two-alarm fire started at a house on Bromfield Road in Somerville. As firefighters were responding to that fire, another fire started on Summer Street, just a few blocks away. The latter was a car fire that spread to a nearby house before the firefighters were able to contain it.

Although the Fire Marshal’s investigation just got underway, the investigators are probing links between the two fires, as well as any possible connections to a series of mysterious fires that have occurred across Somerville over the past two months.

Local authorities have reported that no one was injured in the two early morning fire accidents.

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