16 Year-Old Massachusetts Girl Arrested for Bringing Pot Brownies to School.

A 16 year-old girl, who is a senior at Framingham High School, was arrested by the Framingham, Massachusetts police on Monday, October 7, 2013. The arrest was for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. The police report that the girl brought “pot brownies” to school and sold them to her fellow students.

School officials were alerted to the girl’s actions after a pair of students ended up in the nurse’s office complaining of feeling unwell. They attributed the malaise to brownies laced with marijuana consumed by the students. When asked where they got the brownies, the two students stated that the girl sold the brownies to them. Framingham Police found eight more marijuana-laced brownies in the girl’s purse. She was promptly arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

A spokesperson for the Framingham Police called the incident a “rare occurrence.” The spokesperson stated that the girl had apparently found the recipe for the brownies online. No word yet on where the girl obtained the ingredients that landed her a felony criminal charge.

The Framingham Police are continuing their investigation of the incident.

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