Young Georgia Arborist Killed In Tragic Accident.

According to the police in Fairburn, Georgia, 21 year-old Tim June died from asphyxiation this past Saturday, January 18, 2014, while June was cutting branches from a tree as part of his job.

Despite his youth, June was an accomplished arborist, and a few months ago started his own company that cut and trimmed trees. This past weekend, June was working on a pine tree in Fairburn, Georgia. A branch collapsed and struck the young men in the head, causing him to hang 60 feet in the air. Police officers were visibly distressed after helping to extricate June from the tree and take him to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. The police initially believed that June died from the blow to the head, but a medical examination revealed that the cause of the wrongful death was asphyxiation.

June’s death is being mourned by everyone who knew him. His nine-months pregnant girlfriend said that they were planning on giving up the child for adoption, but that she may now keep the baby.

An investigation of the accident continues.

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