Massive Recall of Millions of Smoke Alarms.

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When buying goods, people operate under the presumption that what they’re buying will be of a certain quality or dependability. But what happens when a product, or an entire series of products, are defective or improperly made? The unassuming purchaser may be injured because of that defect, especially if it’s a product specifically designed to warn them of danger, such as a smoke alarm.

The company, Kiddie, has issued a recall for 1.2 million smoke and combination smoke-carbon monoxide alarms. The alarms are round, white residential units that are hard-wired into a home’s electric power. Owners are asked to get a replacement alarm, and not to rely on the ones currently in their homes.

When manufactures make defective products, particularly smoke detectors, personal injury or even death may occur when problems arise.

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