Puddle of Harmful Chemicals in Road Injures Illinois Man.

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Antoni Buffo was driving towards the U.S. Steel Corporation and the Granite City Works Management Club facility in March 2013 when he noticed a puddle of something developing in the roadway.  Mr. Buffo got out of his car to see what the liquid was and to report it to Ameren Illinois, a regulated electric and gas delivery company.

While waiting for someone to arrive, Mr. Buffo claims the liquid  caused him to develop an adverse reaction. Mr. Buffo was sent to the hospital, where it was determined he had damage to his nose, sinuses, lungs, and respiratory tract.

It was determined that the puddle of liquid included “hydrogen sulfide, coke residue, and other byproducts of steel production.”

Mr. Buffo has sued the U.S. Steel Corporation, the Granite City Works Management Club and its club manager Carl Cannon, in Madison County, Illinois Circuit Court. He alleges the companies negligently failed to keep dangerous chemicals contained safely, failed to keep these chemicals away from the roads, and failed to warn the public of possible dangers. Mr. Buffo wants to obtain $150,000 in damages and other costs.

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