Woman Receives $450,000 Settlement After Being Mauled by Pitbull in Staten Island, NY.

For many, many years, dogs have been an integral part of American society.  They are by far the most popular type of household pet; but in truth, many people consider their dogs to be more than just pets.  Many people love their dogs like members of the family, and for good reason.  Dogs are faithful companions that can brighten up the darkest of days.  They have an uncanny ability to know their owner’s feelings and deal with them accordingly.  This innate sense of personality and emotion is what helps separate dogs from other domesticated animals.  They are truly “man’s best friend.”

Despite the popularity and love for our canines, not all of these animals can be appropriately considered tame or domestic.  Some breeds of dogs are naturally aggressive and are prone to fits of violence.  Dog attacks occur regularly in this country and cause great harm to those who are victims.  In fact, roughly 4.7 million Americans visit emergency rooms each year to treat wounds suffered from dog attacks.  Statistics also show that dog bites are much more likely to occur in the home of a friend, relative, or neighbor.

On August 24, 2013, 66-year-old Lucille Fundaro was attending a barbecue near her home in Staten Island, New York.  According to silive.com, Fundaro was walking down Dumont Avenue, which is known in the area to be a quiet and peaceful neighborhood.  She was about to arrive at her friend’s house when she suddenly saw another friend on the opposite side of the street.  Jovially, she walked over to the other side to greet her.  That was when disaster struck.

Out of nowhere, a large pitbull came racing straight towards her.  It jumped up and bit down hard on her right forearm.  It tore a chunk of flesh from the bone and threw it to the ground.  Then, a second, smaller pitbull came from behind the first and began sniffing the piece of Fundaro’s flesh.  That was just enough of a distraction to lure the first dog away from Fundaro, who ran away while bleeding profusely.

According to a lawsuit filed by attorney Anthony Ameduri, Fundaro was treated at Staten Island University Hospital, where she underwent several surgeries and skin grafts.  Two years after filing a lawsuit against the owners of the dogs, Britney and Carlos Novoa, Fundaro reached a settlement for $450,000.

If you or a loved one have been bitten or attacked by a person’s dog, you may be entitled to significant pecuniary damages.  Call our Boston dog bite injury lawyers, 24/7, at 617-787-3700.

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