Hundreds Sick After Salmonella Outbreak at Australian Conference.

Many experts believe that nearly half of all food poisoning incidents go unreported. In addition, it is estimated that nearly one in four people suffer from food poisoning every year in the United States. This number is disturbingly high, especially when you consider that some food poisoning incidents result in serious injury and even wrongful death. This should not only be a concern for American citizens, but is a problem in multiple other countries as well.

The 1,200 delegates who gathered for a February conference at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) in Australia know this all too well. The conference was for school principals throughout Australia, and was to focus on new education methods and practices. On the second day of the conference, however, hundreds of delegates began to become violently ill. According to, 250 people in total showed symptoms of food poisoning, dozens of whom had to be hospitalized.

Officials believe their symptoms stem from salmonella poisoning. Queensland Heath, the Australian health service agency, is having some difficulty finding a specific cause of the food poisoning, as the conference had a varied menu. The usual causes for salmonella infections are poorly cooked meat, poultry and eggs.

If you or a family member have experienced food poisoning, you may also know how painful and scary an experience it can be. If it happened recently, you may be able to bring a civil lawsuit against those who served you the tainted food. Please call our Massachusetts food poisoning experts at (617) 787-3700 to learn about your legal options.

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